“Remind me not, remind me not” is Valentine’s again

Today the world  woke up to an abundance  of love, balloons, chocolate, flowers, kisses and dreamy looks. If this image triggers resistance inside yourself, please continue reading. In fact, even if it doesn’t, keep on reading.

Yes, today we celebrate love. Again.  Aren’t we tired of it? Exhausted even? I honestly had enough! I always had enough! So much that I can afford the luxury of saying that maybe it has always been too much. I’m not necessarily talking about the one I’ve received, but more about the one I offered lavishly to anyone and anything:  my family,  my husband, my friends, the people that I didn’t  like but I forced myself to come to like,  the ones I’ve  forgiven, to my passions, even to my thoughts or my inner demons.

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